Vehicle Modifications To Make Driving Easier When You Are Under 5 Feet Tall

Posted on: 26 July 2016

If you are a shorter driver, then you know how uncomfortable driving can be. Being under 5 feet tall can pose many challenges on the road, from not being able to reach the gas or brake pedal without altering your normal driving position to having limited visibility over the dash. Some vehicle manufacturers cater to shorter drivers by having seats that can be further adjusted, modified seat belts, and other perks, but for the most part, you may have to customize your vehicle on your own to make it easier to drive. Here are some vehicle modifications you can explore to make your height handicap easier to manage while behind the wheel.

Modified pedals

Simple modifications can make your gas, clutch, and brake pedals easier to reach. You can have adjustable pedals installed in your vehicle to allow you to sit further away from your steering wheel while still being able to drive comfortably. Since it is recommended that you always sit 10 to 12 inches away from your air bag, having modified pedals can make driving much safer. These pedals can also be adjusted to lower settings when a taller driver is behind the wheel of your car.

Extended mirrors

A common issue for shorter drivers is being able to see around them when they are sitting inside their large car. Extended side mirrors and a mini magnifier mirror on your main interior mirror can give you greater visibility. These mirrors are common in vehicles that haul long or bulky loads and can come in handy for passenger vehicles as well to make your driving experience more comfortable.

Booster seat

Booster seats aren't just for young kids, they are for shorter drivers as well. What you should look for in a booster seat is an angled seat that is higher at the seat and lower where your legs sit so you can still reach your pedals. Aim for a booster seat that also has padding along its back rest so you can sit closer to the steering wheel and have greater dash visibility. You may notice that having a booster seat makes your ability to wear a seat belt more comfortably across your shoulder and neck easier.

Being a shorter driver may pose a challenge behind the wheel, and you can fight these challenges by making your vehicle easier to drive. Modifications like pedal extenders, booster seats, and even side mirror additions can make you feel more comfortable and confident when driving, which can make you feel safer overall. For more information, contact companies like Quic Stick.